Do you looking for a High Capacity Whiteboard Marker?

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High-Quality Whiteboard Markers with Bold Colors and Stay-Put Caps

Eye-Popping Colors: Ditch the boring blacks and blues! These markers come in a spectrum of dazzling hues, classic and neon alike. Make your ideas come alive with colors that grab attention and keep your audience engaged. High-Quality Ink: Experience smooth, consistent ink flow that lays down cleanly and erases effortlessly. No more streaky lines or frustrating ghosting. These markers are built to last, ensuring your whiteboard presentations remain sharp and legible. Roll-Resistant Caps: Say goodbye to runaway markers! These innovative caps are designed to stay put, even on tilted surfaces. No more scrambling under tables or chasing rogue markers across the floor. Focus on your ideas, not rogue office supplies.

Smooth Writing

Whiteboard markers are indeed designed to work on a variety of non-porous surfaces. Here are some non-porous surfaces suitable for use with whiteboard markers: Whiteboards: The primary intended surface for these markers, ensuring easy writing and erasing. Glass: Markers work well on glass surfaces like windows, glass doors, and glass boards. They erase cleanly and can be used for temporary notes or decorations. Plastic: Smooth plastic surfaces can be used, such as plastic folders, binders, or containers. Ensure the plastic is non-porous to prevent staining.


For whiteboard markers to erase completely clean, both the markers and the surface play critical roles. Here are some tips to ensure complete and clean erasing: High-Quality Markers: Use reputable brands known for their erasability, such as Expo, Staedtler, Quartet, and BIC. Low-Odor or Alcohol-Based Inks: These formulations tend to erase more cleanly compared to some other ink types. Melamine Whiteboards: Affordable but may develop stains and ghosting over time with heavy use. Porcelain (Ceramic) Whiteboards: Durable and highly resistant to stains, making them easier to clean completely.