RTS Motorcycle Tire Plug Gun Vacuum Tires motorcycle puncture repair kit

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An Easy Solution to Fix Punctured Tubeless Tires

Fix Punctures in a few minutes!

No need to remove the tire for puncture repairs! RapidPlug 2.0™ Repair Kit uses an automatic mechanism, which allows you to fix your puncture without removing the wheels or putting in any extra effort.

Permanent Solution to Puncturing!

Forget the conventional sticky strips and switch to our Mushroom Plugs, which provide a permanent solution to your Flat Tire. The head of the mushroom plug fixes the puncture from the inside, and the stem of the plug seals the line of the puncture, thus providing a permanent

Better Than Conventional!

RapidPlug 2.0™ Mushroom-shaped plugs provide the ultimate solution to all tubeless tire punctures. The mushroom plugs are made of a unique combination of rubber that does not wear out with time compared to conventional puncture strips.

How to use this?

  1. Find the puncture and remove any nail/needle from the affected area.
  2. Use a reamer to clean any burrs or wires from the puncture hole.
  3. Push the mushroom into the plugger with the help of the nozzle without touching the head.
  4. Load the mushroom plug into the gun tool from the top. Make sure it goes completely inside the gun tool.
  5. Insert the nozzle into the tire using the probe tool. Unscrew the probe tool to leave the nozzle in the tire.
  6. Screw the gun into the nozzle and push the trigger on the gun to insert the mushroom plug until it stops.
  7. To remove the gun and nozzle from the tire, push the button at the end of the gun to pull it out, then pull the gun and nozzle from the tire.
  8. The puncture hole is now fixed with the mushroom plug.
  9. Inflate the tire and cut out the extra stem of the mushroom plug.

Product description:
 This Car Tire Repair Tool easy and quick to repair punctures for all tubeless tires on most vehicles.
 The Tire Plug Gun is a spring loaded device that 'drives' the plug into the hole.
 The shaft of the plug expands under pressure to fill the puncture.
The mushroom head of the plug seats on the inner wall allowing no air to escape.
 It's easily stored, you can always keep it in the car.

 1.Clean Chong Kong: remove dirt hole created special cone knife back and forth several times inside and outside of all the dirt will create holes divisible. 
2.mounted rubber bullets: Tire pushed the gun back pin buckle, making the final push rod back position. According to Chong hole sizes to choose different types of rubber bullets, coated with lubricating economic, rubber bullets tail insertion bore, thin end of the tube with a small tip of the rubber bullets to promote the chamber, according to advance inside the gun barrel rubber bullets (size ) can choose the appropriate spin on both tips. 
3. Install the plastic leader: according to the size of the choice of different plastic tips leader, insert the tip. 
4. Vacuum tire law: The lead has been installed plastic head tire gun, tire alignment when creating holes that pulled the trigger insertion site within the tire, rubber bullets estimated bacteria shield Ministry has pressed the tip, dial tire after the gun, then hand or pliers to gently pull the tail rubber bullets, so bacteria shield the rubber bullets, snapping tire wall, then cut off the excess bullets outside rear tire, tire repair is completed, either sufficient gas to make it normal exercised.

Air transportation cannot transport flammable items, so the bottle does not contain lubricating oil, it will be empty. Please understand.

Package Included:
 1 x Tire Plug Gun
 1 x Probe Tool
 1 x Spearhead
 2 x Nozzle
 1 x Packing Box
About106pcs rubber head


Can now be easily connected on or off the wheel with this new style tool called the tires Inflator Gun.
The Gun is a spring loaded device that drives the air pressure into the hole.
The shaft of the inflator expands under pressure to fill the puncture.
The mushroom head of the inflator seats on the inner wall allowing no air to escape.
Tire does not need dismounting from the wheel.
Inflator enters straight in puncture.
Mushroom head seats on inner wall of tire.
Package Includes:plug gun, nozzle and probe tool, 25 mushroom plugs, instructions and a box.
Note:Liquid can not be transported,so the lubricating oil is not included here

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